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Mix and match the flavors to suit your personal tastes.

Each tier (cake layer) can be a different flavor combination.
(Remember that your favorite flavor may not be everyone else's - so you might wish to offer some choices)

Leave out the filling or choose one of our non-alcoholic frostings.

Typically the frosting color is the same color as the Wedding Gown.
Underlined Frostings are not white. Frostings not underlined may be tinted any color.

The majority of underlined frostings are either ivory, or creamy yellow in color.

White Champagne Mousse Champagne
French Vanilla

White Chocolate Mousse
or Raspberry
White Chocolate Ganache
or Framboise (Raspberry Brandy)
Chocolate Mocha Chocolate Mocha Mousse Godiva or Kahlua
Devil's Chocolate Chocolate Mousse Champagne 
or Chocolate Buttercream
Dark Chocolate Raspberry

Framboise (Raspberry Brandy)

Chocolate Almond Chocolate Almond Mousse
or Toasted Almond Truffle
Almond or Amaretto
or Almond Buttercream
Chocolate Genoise Cherry or Brandied Cherry Kirsch  (Authentic Black Forest)
Lemon Lemon or Raspberry Lemon or Framboise
Strawberry Strawberry
Champagne or Strawberry Brandy
or Strawberry Daiquiri
Tropical Carrot Cream Cheese Piña Colada or Gran Marnier

Additional cakes - Custom Recipes or Family Favorites, Peach, Pineapple, Lime, Cherry, Raspberry, Banana

- Or give us a new challenge to try -

Additional mousse fillings - French Vanilla, Pistachio, Banana Cream, Coconut Cream, Lemon, Piña Colada, Cannoli, Cheesecake

Additional frostings - Truffle, Peanut Butter, Vanilla, Rum, Pistachio, or any favorite extract, oil, or liqueur