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A Little About Our Products.......

First and foremost, our products are always home made with the freshest and finest quality ingredients.   Nothing is ever made ahead and frozen.  We use European techniques to assure that cakes are moist and flavorful.  Unique fillings, such as our fruit fillings, are thick pastry fillings- not sweet jams or jellies. Several mousse fillings, such as Champagne (our signature), Chocolate, White Chocolate, Pistachio, Strawberry Daiquiri, etc. add to the selection of choices to make a cake very memorable.

Our frostings are our biggest trademark. Cake decorators use what’s called a Buttercreme, which is made from sugar, water, shortening, and an extract for flavor.  They get hard and crusty and are very sweet.  Most area bakeries use a commercial product which they scoop out of a bucket.   Our frostings are made fresh, and from scratch in small batches with wholesome ingredients.

We use only Domino 10X sugar (versus a cheap 6X sugar) which has been ground 10 times for a finer texture.  We also use a specialty high nitrogen ratio shortening, specifically made by Proctor and Gamble, for finer pastry products.  There are several other high quality ingredients not available anywhere on the east coast, and so they are ordered and shipped in from California and Utah.

The texture and flavors of our frostings are totally unique and probably what we are the most famous for.   First of all, our regular wedding cake frosting is very fragrant, fluffy, and like a chantilly whipped cream. It’s always soft, and never develops a hard crust, which makes it a little more difficult to work with when decorating.  We can make it with any flavor extract - Vanilla, Sheri Rumco, Lemon, Orange, Raspberry, etc. for a non-alcoholic frosting.  We’ve also developed a way to use any kind of wines or liqueurs - Champagne, Framboise (a clear imported Raspberry Brandy), Kirsch, Gran Marnier, Brandy, etc. which adds a wonderful complement to a nice filling.

When we do make a Buttercream Frosting, it is an authentic French Buttercream - not a cake decorator’s Buttercreme.  The texture, like our other frosting, is very soft and fluffy.  We do not recommend it for cakes that will be served outside in the heat, due to the high butter content.  Also, it is not white in color which would be a consideration if the frosting needed to be white.  It can be tinted any color, including ivory.

The finest area bridal shops, restaurants, resorts, bed and breakfasts, florists, photographers, disk jockeys, and limo services refer all their clients to us.  We must be doing something right.